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2016-01-28 Hiking

Winter is wonderful!

Matt & I were both a little rusty (21 & 15 years respectively) when it comes to skiing. We pulled up our boots, snapped into our skis and hit the slopes.

Our first few runs were pretty snowy but we're all smiles!


Jerry (our new housemate) was an excellent ski instructor.

P02_2015-01-28_hiking P05_2015-01-28_hiking

Jerry actually has a run named after him...This really is his run!


The gorgeous views were a little distracting!

P03_2015-01-28_hiking P04_2015-01-28_hiking P07_2015-01-28_hiking P12_2015-01-28_hiking

We had so much fun!

P10_2015-01-28_hiking P13_2015-01-28_hiking P14_2015-01-28_hiking

While staying in Lake Louise we had the opportunity to see ice sculptures. They were so amazing I can't decide which is my favourite. Of course photos of illuminated ice at night doesn't look as nice as it does in person; but they're still pretty amazing.

P15_2015-01-28_hiking P16_2015-01-28_hiking P17_2015-01-28_hiking P18_2015-01-28_hiking P19_2015-01-28_hiking P20_2015-01-28_hiking P21_2015-01-28_hiking P22_2015-01-28_hiking

P23_2015-01-28_hiking P24_2015-01-28_hiking P25_2015-01-28_hiking

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2016-01-02 Cooking

New Year, New Recipes

I love trying new recipes and when a recipe combines manicotti & ricotta what can go wrong? The answer is NOTHING!

I decided to spend New Years day in the kitchen and cooked up a storm. I made homemade Vodka Sauce to go over Chicken Spinach Artichoke Manicotti. The Vodka Sauce is my own recipe and I made mention of this in my post but conviently forgot...don't smell the the sauce just after adding the vodka, it will sting your eyes.


P02_2015-01-02_Cooking P03_2015-01-02_Cooking P04_2015-01-02_Cooking P05_2015-01-02_Cooking

Then I moved onto dessert, where I made a Blueberry Pie. Then because I had extra crust and I didn't want it to go to waste I also made a Pumpkin Pie.

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2015-12-26 Cooking

Christmas Dinner

Making Christmas dinner for a small group can be more difficult than you would think. Turkeys only come in LARGE sizes and this year there would only be 3 for dinner. In all the hustle and bustle of moving, Matt's shift work & checking on the house up north; we didn't get to have turkey at Thanksgiving so I was pretty insistent that we have it for Christmas. I didn't want to make a meal that would leave us with enough turkey to last us till spring so I decided to use just the turkey breasts. I also wanted to keep the meal on the healthier side...save room for pumpkin pie!

Stuffed Turkey Breasts

P01_2015-12-26_Cooking P02_2015-12-26_Cooking P03_2015-12-26_Cooking P04_2015-12-26_Cooking P05_2015-12-26_Cooking P06_2015-12-26_Cooking P07_2015-12-26_Cooking

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